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If you believe in this than share it and tag a friend. Here is how we actually make a difference.

I am hitting pause! You ask why? I am tired of trying to “keep up.”  I have grown Entourage to a massive size of 11 locations with a website and 185 employees. I have tried to believe in mainstream America where we are supposed to “keep up with everyone else” and always be more beautiful and stay young. Well you know what? I am tired of trying to be something I am not. And you know what else? It’s not realistic!  We may all feel 22 at heart but our bodies will not be. And why do we do this to ourselves? I mean really??!! Why are we shamed for not being able to look younger forever?  We are all trying to achieve body perfection for what?  Over the years I have witnessed women who have the “perfect” bodies and are considered to be the essence of beauty body shame themselves. Moms in our dressing rooms body shaming their daughters telling them to eat more salads.  What is this sick culture we live in and perpetuate? I am so grateful for having supportive parents that didn’t do this. It’s not what I envisioned for Entourage when I opened the doors 13 years ago. Unfortunately, people think that Entourage is just another Boutique for young girls who fit a certain mold. Well it’s not.  It never was. I feel like by downsizing dramatically we are able to get down to business. Entourage was created to be for EVERYONE; every sister, mother, grandmother, aunt, and daughter, and hell even my amazing guys that come in and need a dress for their event, everyone!! It was meant to feel as if you were shopping in your best friend's closet. Well I strayed from that and I did what would sell clothes. We went “mainstream” and hired young models, and bloggers that were not only gorgeous, but also met mainstream media’s ideal standards of beauty. The reality is, we are ALL BEAUTIFUL and we all deserve to feel our best no matter our weight, height, age, or whatever we have been through to make our bodies what they are. Some of us have had babies, illness, weight gain, depression and some of us just got dealt a bad hand and have had to overcome more than most. I am over it, and I have decided to make some changes to get back to where I started. Even though I don’t speak of it, this road was long and hard for me. But I’ve come out on the other side and realized it’s not about mainstream beauty - it’s about feeling beautiful. It’s about celebrating the wins without saying after every picture “I should lose some weight, or I still need to blah blah blah”. It’s about self-love and we are here to help you embrace it and truly feel part of this Entourage, and see people who look like you whether on our website, social media or on one of our live shows. My new and improved Entourage is going to do exactly what I set out to do from the beginning - I am going to be the brand for everyone. Get ready because the best of Entourage is coming. We are re-branding everything.  I guarantee you; you will identify with us now and if you haven’t in the past I apologize.  If you have in the past, I hope that you will continue to.  We are so excited for our next chapter and we hope that you are excited too!